Coat - Lovestoned (here), Jeans - forever 21, Top - Zara, Sneakers - Isabel Marant (here)

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. - Marilyn Monroe

Hi everybody, How fashion are you today? I'd like to start every post with a quote, to get your attention. 'Give a girl the right shoes'. What shoes are 'the right shoes'? This question is very personal. My answer would be heels, but maybe your answer is sneakers. What shoes give you 'that' feeling. When i put heels on, i feel like i run the world like beyonce. But i have that kind of sporty feeling when I'm rocking my sneakers. Both great feeling to me. So let's get back to the question. What are the right shoes? A couple of days ago, I've bought myself a new pair of shoes. I needed some new ones and browsed the internet. Because the new Isabel Marant collection for H&M was recently released, I browsed for sneakers from this designer. It was love on first sight.... I took my boyfriend to the shopping center (against his will ofcourse) and ran to the biggest department store in the Netherlands 'Bijenkorf'. I had to move myself through a mass of people to get to my dreamshoes and realised that i was finally getting them :)! They're just great because it is a mix between heels and sneakers. My best purchase so far! My mother is very jealous too.
Let's get back to you... what are your favorite shoes?

Finally put a face to this blog...
Thank you so much for reading!