balenciaga, filling pieces, monki, stella mccartney
Sneakers - Filling Pieces (here), Knitwear - Monki (here), Shoulderbag - Stella mccartney (here), Purse - Balenciaga (here)

"Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping."
— Bo Derek
SURPRISE, I'm posting two times today. Who was expecting that?I guess I like it too much and like to see more visitors every day. I know, I know... this quote is really cliche. The fact that it reflects on my post is why I'm using it anyway. If you really know WHERE to shop, you'll find happiness. Well, in my opinion. How I know where to shop? I N T E R N E T 
I was searching on the internet (like always) for some new items i would like to have. Believe me, that's a lot. I just have to regulate my purchases. That's why i will make weekly wishlists to make things more clear for myself. Feel free to gain inspiration and buy the same items, i really don't mind.