Hey guys. How's your day? For me, today was a good day. Finally had my hair done again. Really needed it. It was the perfect moment to have a new outfit-shoot because my hair was perfect. Unfortunately, my photographer/boyfriend was pretending he was too busy. I think it was just the olympic games he didn't want to miss. Instead of having great shoots we staid home. I don't like these winter sports at all so i decided to take a look at the pinterest feed of the day. I always feel the urge to find out what's new now I'm a fashion blogger. Pinterest is one of the best way to be up-to-date. It was remarkable how much inspiration i gained for my upcoming shoots, and I hope you will too. I have chosen these pictures above as my favorites out of all the other 1000 pictures. These are the ones that literally makes me feel jealous and make me want to go out shopping as soon as possible. Which one is your fave?