''Pure, intense emotions. It's not about design. It's about feelings.''
-Alber Elbaz

''goodmorning sunshine''. Wouldn't that be great to hear every morning? It prevends me from being moody on mondays. It is one way of getting through the worst day of the week. My question for the day is, what is your solution for the mondays that can make it easier? My hardest moment of the day is getting up early and realise that the hard work starts again. My friends are even worse. I can not even talk to them normally because they're still hung over from saturday night.
I like to think in solutions. In my opinion it is to start with yourself. Think about the nice things of life, and plan fun stuff to do on this horrible day. The fun stuff doesn't have to be big things. Read your favorite magazine on monday or treat yourself with a relaxing bath. Maybe it sounds really easy, but do not underestimate it. Try it! it could change your mood for the entire day! It works for me...
I managed to do all my work on sunday, so i could relax on monday. I got up earlier so i made myself an extensive and healthy breakfast and ate it while viewing my feed on pinterest(you will find my favorites of the day above). If you get up earlier school or work will feel as a part of the day, not a beginning of a day.
Enough advise for now, do you have any for me?