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From left to right: Vero Moda (here), Maison Scotch (here), Anine Bing (here), Current/Elliott (here) 

''Jeans represent democracy in fashion.'' - Giorgio Armani

Hi there! How are you doing? I'm feeling great. Finding the perfect jeans is very, very hard. I know they are somewhere waiting for me. It has to be, right? But then i have to ask myself, what makes the perfect jeans? Not to expensive, good fitting and the  right colour. It maybe sounds easy when you read it. It's the combination that makes it so hard. I find plenty of nice jeans, but the fitting sucks and vice versa. This is the reason why you always have to go shopping instead of finding one online? My problem is, that I'm very lazy so i shop online anyway. There is one website I discovered. They honoustly have the perfect jeans by the looks. Do you have the sleightest idea of which site I mean? It's Polyvore. Polyvore gathered a lot of nice jeans from different sites and put them together. This way you don't have to go from site to site! How easy is that :)The only thing that always bothers me is the shipping time. When i buy it, i need to wear it the very next day obviously.... Now something completely different, next friday I have a surprise for my boyfriend because it's valentines day. If you're single, you'll find the one! I suggest going to the cinema with your friends. Don't forget to buy an extra large popcorn bucket. That should be enough to enjoy yourself! I will keep you updated about my surprise when the time is there. Don't forget to check my instagram account where i will post some pictures (@deau0). Back to the main subject, what do you think about the jeans above? Besides the fitting that i don't know anything about. The colours and the prices are perfect. I will just order a few and send back the ones that do not fit.