Knitwear - Acne (here), Shorts - Miu Miu (here), Bag - Valentino (here)
Shoes - Mellow Yellow (here)

Goodmorning my lovely readers, sorry that i didn't post something for quite a while! I became sick.. Agrh i hate it so bad, I thought i just catched a cold. But no, It was something much worse.. Anyway, i will do everything to post a new outfit soon! I have my new outfit already so it will not be that hard. The hardest thing about making a new outfit-post, is that you have to find the location for it. Also the weather has to be nice. Believe me, and i think all of the bloggers who are reading this, that's not easy! 
For now we have my weekly wishlist. The easiest but yet the nicest thing about fashion-blogging. Surfing the web for great items, in my big leather seat in front of my computer and a nice cup of coffee. Let me explain why i chose this items. I just adore the flower prints in all the new items that designers added in their collections. It looks like spring and i want spring to come really bad. Two different styles in one outfit is remarkable, yet lovely. This outfit contains a cute side, and a rough side. Like my personality (I'm not that rough hihi). Wishlists are about personal styles, and This describes me. It couldn't be more personal ;) I have to go now, back to my bed... Hoping that this sick feeling will stop quickly.You will hear from me soon! :)