Well hello there! I've been very busy the last few days, like I mentioned in my earlier post. I have so spare time for my passion: blogging. Gosh i need some relaxing time... Running away seems to be the best option now. Somewhere peaceful and quiet for example the southern regions of France. Nah, that's nothing for me, no shopping centers over there. I prefer New York over all places. Living there would be amazing. The city that 'never sleeps' and 'where dreams are made of'. In my working break, I surfed the internet for apartments in New York. The places that i liked the most,like 5th avenue, were the most expensive ones. What a bummer. And my next thought was how I would design my apartment. Where to place what furniture and how to decorate it. It's really nice to think about it and it keeps me going. Anyway, i found a picture on Pinterest(yeah..again). What do you think? Only need to add a big clothing closet right?