Hey dear blogreader! How are you? I'm fine, finally weekend!! :) 
Have you made plans already? I'm going to workout a lot. 
Furthermore I need to work and I will try to make some time for some new outfit-shooting!
 I was thinking about getting myself a new coat for my shoot, and if you followed the latest trends you know which one I'm getting myself. Exactly, a camel coat. Finding the right one is not easy at all. They all look simple but it's all about the details. Anyway, I think that it is acceptable to spend a bit more on a camel coat because the camel coat is timeless. 'It is a great investment!' is what I always tell myself. After 2 hours of browsing on the web, I still haven't found the right camel coat yet. The pictures above show you what kind of coat I'm looking for! Do you know the right brand for a camel coat? Let me know! If the right coat shows up,
 I'll wear it in my next outfit post..