wishlist, chanel, isabel marant, trousers, stella jean, h&m, adidas, coatLeather pants - Isabel Marant (here), Coat - Stella Jean (here), Bag - Chanel (here), T-shirt - H&M (here), Sneakers - Adidas (here)

Greetings all of my lovely readers, I'm so so so sorry that I was absent for like a week now. My exams were taking all of my time. Forgive me please? Now about the wishlist. Gosh the bag and the trousers are marvellous! It's almost a shame that the temperature is rising because the coat is not made for sunny weather. Luckly every week has a rainy or windy day. I hope you love this outfit as much as I do! You will hear from me very soon, because my exam week is over and I passed them all. No reading, except the vogue, for me anymore!