Hey guys! How are you doing? I'm fine. My week started a bit rough. Monday really isn't my day. I fell out of bed and hurt my little finger. I know it sounds really stupid but it's swollen and hurts a lot... Now I'm wearing a bandage big enough to cover my entire hand. Luckily, I still can type on my laptop.. Otherwise I couldn't write this post!! That would make me really sad ofcourse. The thing that caught my eye this week is the backpack-trend. We all own an ugly backpack for school or for work, but it's not really a fashion item, is it. For quite a while I had the same thoughts about that item, until a lot of designers made their own backpacks and included it in their collections! I simply think it is amazing trend because it is so much easier than a handbag. When I found out that it really is a fashionable thing, the search began. I haven't found the perfect one yet! I really love the backpack from Stella Mccartney but it is a bit expensive, which means that I have to find another one with a better price :). I have made a selection of my favs below!