We all know that it was Halloween this weekend and that's one of the traditions I really love. Unfortunately, here in the Netherlands it is not a big thing. Too bad for me...I would love to have a night out with a lot of friends dressed up like a bunch of weirdos :) I saw some crazy, weird and scary outfits on the internet and was very jealous. For the people that celebrated it like it should be celebrated, I hope you had a thrilling night. Now that it's getting colder and november started, my thoughts are going out to CHRISTMAS, the best days of the year (in my opinion). Maybe it is too early...Anyways, I thought that it was a good idea to make some christmas lists of things that will help you to have some unforgettable nights, instead of the regular currently-craving's items posts. But for now we have the currently craving post, what do you think about these items? I wouldn't mind finding these under the christmas tree! I'm going to enjoy my sunday now, talk to you later. xxxxx