Hi y'all! How are you guys? I'm feeling great! Today there's something big about to happen. H&M releases it's collaboration with Alexander Wang! Normally, I'm very excited to buy some pieces of their collaborations, but this time the collection is not really my taste... It's more of a reminder for you guys. Maybe you liked the collection or haven't checked it out yet? The H&M x Alexander Wang collection is based on Wang's concept of "Sports at Night". I hoped they would release some nice coats but I couldn't find one. That's why I took my board and surfed the internet for us again! A coat is one of the most important pieces and the search of THE coat shouldn't be underestimated... The faux-fur coats caught my attention this week. I think it is an eyecatcher and it looks very cozy. There are a lot of them out there, so I selected the best ones for you. You can check them out below:

Shot by Le 21ème