gift, guide, blogger, fashion, inspiration, gifts, presents, holidays, holiday, christmas, dominique, candido, deau, mode, blogger, blog Hi there people! How are you today? I'm doing just fine. We all know that the best time of the year is near. Ofcourse I mean christmas and the best thing about it is the presents underneath the christmas tree. Oh yes, can't wait.... Buying presents for others is a part of christmas too, not to forget. This year I started early with finding presents, not just for myself, but for you guys too. Previous years I always started searching for presents too late, so the presents were never what I had in mind. Mistakes are to be learned from. Get off your butts and get the presents you want now. If you're really lazy, here's a present list for you. This is a collection of items I really would appreciate. Hope it helps you guys a little:) I'm leaving now, I will be back soon! xxxx