sales, shopping, deau, dominique, candido,blog, blogger, fashion, items, december, january, januari, goal, diet, sport, sale, shopHi guys! What's up? I'm fine. I'm wishing you all a great 2015! After all the holidays, I'm finally back to normal routines, especially with my food.. I've gained some weight (like everyone) and I'm not happy about that so I am going to eat healthy and work out some more. Yes that is what everyones resolutions pretty much is. Almost everyone, guys usually don't gain weight that fast. Very jealous about that. But I am sure that I will reach my goal :) Tell me about your resolutions for 2015 too! Now about the post, I think you all have noticed that there is sale everywhere. Something we as fashionistas love! I just want to purchase all of these, maybe you do too. If you do, let me know! You can shop te items below :). Xxxx