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Shirt - Elizabeth & James / Undies - Stella Mccartney / Top - CLU

Hi! How are you doing today? It probably was a long day for the most of us. That's how mondays are... I have to ask, how was your Vday? Mine was so good. I surprised my boyfriend with a trip to Antwerp, Belgium. I've never been there before although it is actually really nearby. I heard some very good things about Antwerp, so decided to just go there! After a two hours trip, we finally arrived. What I saw there, wasn't really what I expected. It looked like a ghost town to me. I was really surprised, because here in holland the city's are crowded on a Saturday morning. I discovered later that most shops opened at 12 A.M. Keep that in mind when visiting this city! Besides all that I had a really nice valentine. I actually bought something really nice over there.. Chanel sneakers to be precise!! I really couldn't resist because it was the last pair. You can already check them out on my instagram but I will show them soon enough on the blog :) I have to leave now, enjoy my little monday inspiration post! Xxxxx