Levi's - Jacket / H&M - Shirt / Asos - Jeans / Isabel Marant - Shoes

Hey there, how are you? I'm actually not feeling so great right now.. I have a sore throat and it hurts like hell. Excuse my french, but I couldn't find any other words to describe it.
 Now about this look, if you are following my blog you'll know that you won't find a lot of blue denim in all of my looks. Don't get me wrong, I do like denim. I even have a board of it on Pinterest.  Only I don't like blue denim jeans so much. This year and last year a lot of all-denim looks were spotted on the streets. I started thinking that I really needed to purchase some pieces too. If I think about this, I think Levi's. So I went to the store and bought one. I'm a fan now, how about you? Xxxx