Every time I buy white shoes people tell me they will look dirty quickly. What they don't know is that I use ox-gall soap. Just put some on your sneakers, wash it off with some water and your sneakers look as good as new! Now this isn't the only hack I have for you guys. Below you can find twenty more! This has to make your life a little bit easier. It does make mine.

1. Freeze your sweater to stop shedding (Big thanks to my granny)
2. Restore shine to patent shoes with window cleaning spray
3. Make a T-shirt soft by brining them in salt water for 3 days.
4. Clean dirt off suede by rubbing it with a stale crust of bread.
5. Spray tights with hairspray to prevent runs.
6. Banish water stains on leather by rubbing on a mixture of cold water and vinegar.
7. Remove sweat stains with lemon juice
8. White wine will remove red wine stains
9. Iron a button-up shirt inside out
10. A bra is too small if you can't fit two fingers under the band comfortably
11. Keep jeans from fading by adding 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the wash
12. Use baby shampoo to wash your cashmere sweaters.
13. Cover your sneakers in baking soda to help stop stinky feet.
14. Rub some deodorant on your soles to prevent blisters
15. Remove oil stains with baby powder
16. Stop a button from falling off- by painting a layer of nail polish over the threads
17. Keep clothes in a suitcase wrinkle free by packing them in dry cleaning packs.
18. Use shaving foam to remove make-up stains.
19. You can use beer to clean your gold jewelry and ketchup for your silver. 
20. Roll your clothing instead of folding them for more storage space- and fewer wrinkles