Closed - Woolblend trenchcoat / MSGM - Faux fur jacket / Harris Wharf London - Wool-felt coat / 
Steve J & Yoni P - Denim-trimmed jacket

'Winter is coming'. All of the Game of Thrones fans will recognize this quote immediately. Who would forget mister Stark saying this with his (sexy) british accent? Yes, I'm a really big fan of 'the Game of Thrones'... This quote applies to most of us in the world right now. There are some exceptions like Australia, Chile, New Zealand etc. but this doesn't mean that you guys shouldn't read this post!! Every winter I am trying to find a new coat but it stays hard to find the perfect one. It has to meet a few requirements. My most important requirement is that it needs to be trendy/fashionable. Second of all,  it needs to be comfortable. If it isn't comfortable, I won't wear it. Besides these two requirements I also find pockets very important. The reason I want my coat to have this is because I prefer to leave my bag at home when possible. This week I browsed all of my fav online webshops again. Above you can find four coats that I think are ideal for the upcoming cold months! Xxx