Zoe Karssen - Bomber / Zara - Top / H&M - Skirt / Dr. Martens - Shoes / Asos - Sunglasses / Chanel - Bag

Hey guys, how are you? I am great today! There is something different about this particular outfit post. Maybe you didn't notice it but I am actually wearing a skirt. I hear you thinking: what's strange about wearing a skirt... I think I have worn a skirt in all of my blog only once. I believe it is one year ago. The thing about skirts is that I love them on every girl. It can absolutely make an outfit look fabulous. Only when I am wearing a skirt myself I am always afraid that anyone would check me out from down under or maybe the wind blows it up. Thank god someone invented tights. Unfortunately tights don't fix all problems. You have to pull them up all the time!! Maybe I will never get used to skirts or maybe I am just crying about nothing. What do you girls think? Do you love skirts or do you prefer jeans? Xxxxx