Dawn Levy - Jacket / Colourful Rebel - Sweater / Paige - Jeans / Chanel - Sneakers / Valentino< - Bag / Ray-Ban - Sunglasses / Zodiac - Bracelet

Hello there! Hope you are all doing fine! I thought winter was finally coming to the Netherlands. Instead the only thing we got is a lot of wind. Shooting my pictures takes way more effort with this circumstances. Why even bother getting your hair right... The wind messes it up immediately. That's an important lesson I learned today because it took way too long shooting my pics. I also found out that this weather still requires a lovely warm coat like the one I'm wearing. Lucky for me I had my new jacket from Dawn Levy hanging in the closet. Normally I find black-on-black jackets boring but this one has plenty of exciting details. Since I'm a fan of small details this one was perfect for me. It fits great too! I added some chic touches (jewelry and bag) and some sporty touches (trainers and sweat) to complete my outfit. It's always nice to mix this touches up for a casual outfit like this one. Now tell me, don't you think the quote on my sweater perfectly describes your 'friday night' mood? Exactly why I got it :)