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1.Equipment - Shirt / 2.Valentino - Scarf / 3.Gucci - Boots / 4.Dolce & Gabbana - Pants / 5.Marni - Top / 6.Miu Miu - Top / 7.Saint Laurent - Bag

The time that flowers, checks and stripes didn't match is long gone. This is one of the trends that even the most stylish people have trouble mastering with total confidence. Only you don't have to be a stylist to pull off this look. You just need a few guidelines and a lot of attitude! The No. 1 rule for enty level print mixing is: stick to two patterns and simple silhouettes. When you are still looking for your items try to play with different textures and shapes. One way to help multiple prints look cool, and not messy, is to pick items that have the same aesthetic. You think mixing prints head to toe is a bit too much for you? Then add some neutrals to ground a crazy print. Hopefully these tips helped you out, above I've got a few items to help you with your super stylish future outfit. Xxx