Goosecraft - Jacket / IRO - Shirt / Asos - Jeans / Chanel - Sneakers / Ray-ban - Sunglasses / Valentino - Bag / BeBold - Choker

Hi there! How are you today? I am great! That is mainly because the sun was shining throughout the entire week in the Netherlands. The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the sun shining is going outside and become more active. Sunny weather has many, many upsides like becoming more active, wearing sunglasses and colourful clothing. For bloggers there's one big downside. If you want to create some quality pictures for a post it's better to find a spot in the shadows. If not, there's a big chance of overlighting the picture. Another solution to this overlightingproblem is to shoot during the so-called golden hours: the few hours during sunset or after sunrise. Today I chose the first option, because I just like to shoot during the day. Take these tips for your next instagram shot ;) Now about this week's look. Isn't this IRO shirt fabulous? I have to say that I find it pretty cool and really comfortable. The fringes on the edges makes this shirt unique. In my last outfit post I am wearing a blue vest and now I am wearing a blue striped shirt again. I find out this color really suits me well so it became a no-brainer during shopping. I have to leave now! Kisses from me. Xxxx