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You've probably heard before that inspiration hits you when you're least expecting it. It all started when the temperatures were rising in the Netherlands. I had to transition from winter gear to summer clothes. Which is fun because I love the summer, but at that point I also found out, I had nothing to wear when it's hot. So, I tried multiple things. What is wearable when it's hot and what isn't? If you are living in L.A. or some place else where it's always summer, you probably know the answer to that question. I am writing this post for all of the people who aren't that lucky, like myself. As I said, I've tried on multiple things. I should warn you though, the first few hot-summer days there's nothing you could wear without getting sweaty. Because honestly, everything except your bikini will be too hot. Unfortunately, most of us are not allowed to wear a bikini to work so you really just have to get use to it. I promise you, after a couple days that feeling will go away and if you survive, you could wear more clothing. Except for these 9 things... Don't do this, ever.

1. Rings.
2. Strappy sandals.
3. Anything but silk.
4. Skinny jeans.
5. Gray or black clothing.
6. No long sleeves.
7. Boots (except cut out boots).
8. Tights.
9. Too much make-up.