Tommy Hilfiger - Bomber / Zadig&Voltaire - T-shirt / Asos - Jeans / Valentino - Bag / Miu Miu - Sunglasses / Puma - Sneakers

Hey guys! How is summer treating you? How are the holidays? I had a blast and really want to go back to Italy. I went outside of the high season so it was nice and quiet everywhere I strolled. The con of this is that most of my friends are leaving now so it will be boring for me. Maybe i should turn it in to a positive thing and start working out more again! There is always a bright side. Now back to where you're here for: new outfit. Two things that catch the eye are my new seasonal favorites. My Fenty x Puma creepers and the Tommy Hilfiger bomber. Have you gotten you're hands on the coolest pumas ever? While I was trying to get them online during work, my boyfriend was so nice to get them in the store in Amsterdam and surprise me. Isn't sweet? I jumped out of joy. I've gotta go now. Let me know what you think of my look? Xxx