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We all know it: the eternal struggle of getting through security as fast as possible. While no one wants to wait, it's just as horrible to be that person who just can't get it together and holds up everyone. As an advanced traveller I can say that now I have quite a clear idea of what outfits are well-suited to prevent these kind of situations and go through security swiftly. An example: while my lace-up sandals seemed to be awesome, they turned out to be a hell for traveling as they caused me to hold up an impatient line of people trying to catch their flight. Unfortunately, a sweet smile and some apologizing gestures didn't seem to satisfy them.. In order not to be a pain in the ass for your fellow travelers (and to save yourself some time and stress) I made a list of do's and dont's.

1.Don't wear maxi dresses and skirts the officer has to check if you don't wear anything underneath.
2. Leave your bobbypins at home, they will set off the metal detector alarm.
3. Try not to wear bulky jackets or oversized, loose clothing it requires extra screening by TSA when worn through security.
4. Like I already said: lace-up sandals are a no-go. Instead opt for shoes that can be taken off easily.
5. People, no metal accessories. Just no.
6. Strong perfume may not be slowing down the security process, but it may be a source of annoyance for others who don't have the same fragrance preference as you do.