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1.Balenciaga - Top / 2.Saint Laurent - Scarf / 3.Gucci - Bag / 4.Bliss and Mischief - Jeans / 5.Gucci - Jacket / 6.Maison Michel - Hat

Hi you! How is everyone doing today? I am doing great. I have to confess something. There's one colour that i'm all over lately. I'll give you a couple of tips.. It is the colour of my eyes, my new bag and recently also my new instagram filter. Okay, this might sound a little crazy but you can't tell me you don't have a favourite color. You should know by now, after giving those amazing tips, my favorite color is blue. I think blue has always been my favourite, only now I am a bit more addicted to it. Like I said, I even bought a new blue balanciaga bag. It is so cute, you might have seen it on my instagram page. That's why I figured to make a new blog post featuring my fav blue items! Let me know what you think and tell me what your favourite color is? XXX