Zara - Jacket / Asos - Jeans / Louis Vuitton - Bag / Chanel - Sneakers

Hey guys, how are you today? I am doing great, would you like to know why? This week, I got a lot of new opportunities for my blog, I couldn't be more excited! Besides that, my trip to L.A. is getting closer and closer - I still need to acquire some new items for the trip though! My friend and I are trying to agree on a shopping date together, however it has turned out not to be that easy.. A lot of girls will probably recognize this; struggling to fit in with one another's agendas.. Talking about shopping and new acquisitions, I have a new obsession! It's not from Chanel or some other high end brand. I'm talking about my new jacket from Zara! Never forget that you can buy good stuff at Zara too. While Gucci and Valentino have a lot of jackets with florals on it, the price of this one was a looot more attractive! What do you think of this look? I'll be back soon! Xxxx