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Hello there! How are you doing today? I am here to share with you some of my secretest styling tips. Are you  wondering how some people always look so stylish, making it seem effortless? Well you are not the only one. How does the fashion crowd have such wardrobe succes? Easy. They all have some secret hacks that make all the difference. Adding the right accessory or swapping out your usual top for something unexpected can take your look to the next level. Down here I sorted out the most important 12 tips. These easy-to-keep-in-minders will have you looking more stylish in no time. Take notes ladies and gentlemen. 

1. Fit is the most important thing.
2. One must have a style signature.
3. Spend time playing with outfit combinations-and remembering them.
4. Never fear being chic instead of boundery pushing.
5. Take care of your shoes, no matter the original price.
6. Decide on one item to be the hero piece.
7. Never be excessively coiffed, or interly scruffy.
8. Know the value of a third piece.
9. Mix something vintage with something new.
10. Pair unexpected opposites.
11. Pull your jacket off your shoulder.
12. Swap your tee for a statement top.