Hi guys, how are you doing? This post is about, with my title giving it away, my personal trainer experience. Although this is not common for this platform, I will give you guys some suggestions below to look fasionable in the gym. This week it's about the new work out routine with my personal trainer. I have been thinking about getting a PT for a while. Everyone knows getting yourself in a gym routine is quite hard. A PT practically obligates you to go which is necessary for me. A while ago I had a good routine. It was quite strict but it was going well for me. Only when I started my internship it became too big of a challenge. The job wasn't what I was expecting. This resulted in bad moods and a lack of interest in the gym. After my internship I never got back at my routine. I've tried all kind of things like going to classes, following the program from Kayla Itsines and diets. At one point one has to accept that the gym is the only way to get back in shape. I noticed that training by myself wasn't working for me so I thought why not try a personal trainer. Here we are a few weeks in with my personal trainer Paco! He is making me work twice a week with guidance and one day on my own. This is taking place at Your Life Sportsclub, which is the best one in town. We have three months to go so I will make a part 2 post for the (hopefully positive) end results. Do you guys have any experience with personal trainers? Or do you recognize yourself in the work out struggle? Let me know in the comments! Below you will find a few of my favourite gym items, new outfits always motivate me to go! Xxxx