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1.Fujifilm - Camera / 2.Shrimps - Charm / 3.Prada - Cardholder / 4.Rodin - Bodycream / 5.Burberry - Umbrella / 6.Kate Spade - Necklace / 7.Assouline - Book / 8.Diptyque - Parfume / 9.Adidas - Sneakers / 10.Gucci - Scarf / 11.NARS - Eyeshadow set

Hello guys, how are you doing at this time of the year? I am thrilled because of all the holidays! For me, it is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Delicious food, spectacular decorations, cozy fireplaces and heart-warming presents. There's also a challenge in all this. Finding the right present for the right person is sometimes a very stressful task. It's not very thoughtful to give your mother the same perfume every year. You have to make some effort in finding the perfect gift. What you give is what you get; no one likes to receive predictable presents. You have to be very observant in the final month of the year. Watch your loved ones very closely. Because we have a lot on our mind, it's not always possible to act like this. That is exactly why I made a gift guide with things in it that every lady would love. Leave your laptop on this page so someone else might see it and use it as an inspiration ;) Let me know if you liked these ideas. A merry christmas to you all! xxx