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I've always been interested in what skin product works best for me. I think everyone should be open minded about trying out new products, since there's always undiscovered products that can make your skin look flawless. I've tried many products that did, but also didn't work for me. It's very time consuming... Every person has it's own favourites, so you can never really depend on someone else's opinion. This is because no one has the same skin type, they might be alike but never the same. One of the things I know for sure is that my skin is a dry to dry combination. It's always wise to visit a skin products shop and be advised by experts, before taking the leap of faith. A while ago Dermalogica asked me to try out their new product. Of course I was very excited since I am, as told before, always keen to try new things. The most important ingredients inside the product are Camellia Japonica, tamanu oil, chia seed oil, orchid extract, sunflower oil, ricebran oil and hyaluronic acid booster. Most of these ingredients didn't ring a bell but it did make me curious! For a daily healthy glow you just need to use 4 to 6 drops. Now you are probably wondering what this product is called... The new star product of Dermalogica is Phyto Replenish Oil. I can only say that I will keep using this product in my daily routine and I really recommend it to everyone with a dry to dry combination skin. Let me know if you've tried it as well! Xxx