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1.Balenciaga - Bag / 2.Acne Studios - Bomber / 3.Balmain - Nail polish / 4.Frame - Jeans / 5.Gucci - Sneakers / 6.Isabel Marant - Bracelet / 7.Adeam - Shirt / 8.Vetements - Socks / 9.Maison Margiela - Belt / 10.Saint Laurent - Sunglasses

I've always been a typical tomboy. For instance, my friends at high school we're mostly of the other gender. As you can imagine being one of the guys influenced my clothing style. I have been a sneaker freak since forever. I love heels, don't get me wrong! But you should only wear heels if you can walk on it. You will save yourself and anyone else from some pain and trouble. That being said, sneakers are on the complete opposite of the spectrum. Every designer has some cool kicks on the market nowadays, so that makes it even easier to find your own. While I am wearing my sneakers I like to make the rest of my outfit a little more chic, for contrast. This way you will balance your outfit. The same way you can mix high-end with low-budget clothing. By using these kind of mixes, you can fool people by making them think the Zara pieces are high-end fashion branded. As I was browsing the internet for the trends of 2017 I found out that designers like Vetements and Off-white introduced an oldie but goldie. The Street Chic, with an edit of relaxed parkas, oversized hoodies and anything but tailored. This trend was made for me and maybe for you too! I can't wait to hit the street chic trend and no one can stop me.