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This post goes out to all those who have already spent this months salary or perhaps are just out of styling ideas. As a blogger I cannot wear the same outfit twice in a blog post. Of course you can mix items with other new items but I am still always in need of inspiration and content for new outfits. Even as a blogger I have moments when I open my closet and cannot help but think mweh. So, that's why I'm always on the look for cool new styling tricks in which to make an old item look totally new again. Fortunately, there are simple ways to fake a new wardrobe without actually spending a dime. And below, I divulge all of my favourite ways to style your wardrobe new again:

1. Wear your overalls as pants.
2. Zip up a biker jacket under a tailored coat.
3. Try to Roll your shirt sleeves above your elbows — it’ll feel like a brand new shirt.
4. Make your own crop top from an old tank.
5. Layer a band tee over a roll-neck.
6. Belt a long scarf over your basics.
7. Loop a foulard on your tote.
8. Pop on a hoodie under a blazer.
9. Wear a scarf under a shirt, not tied around your neck.
10. Layer a button-down under a shirtdress.
11. Use impromptu items (like rope!) as a belt.
12. Wear an evening dress over daytime jeans.
13. Try your suit jacket as a top alternative.
14. Wear your button-down backward.
15. Make your sweater feel different with a layered turtleneck.
16. Wear your going-out top during the day with a long-sleeve shirt.