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Times are changing, but for some brands more than others. Gucci's changed a lot since Alessandro Michele took over the steering wheel of the design department. A while ago no one wore the italian brand anymore. Gucci was tacky and old-fashioned. When Alessandro Michele was appointed Creative Director of Gucci in 2015 everything changed. Since then every stylist, celebrity or blogger added an item from his latest collections to their closet. The 'retro' look made a comeback. Those vintage lines with modern twists are more popular than ever. The same thing happened at their rival Louis Vuitton. The moment Nicolas Ghesquière became the Creative Director in 2013 the look of this brand changed radically. Recently they've also changed their classic brown shopping bag to the new range packaging called "Imperial Saffron". For years the fashion crowd couldn't stand the LV logo's all over those bags. Me too changed my mind about this. When I saw the vintage Montsouris backpack I fell in love with what I disguised before. I've never had a backpack in my life before just because I am not comfortable with not having sight on what happens to my luggage. Still, this couldn't keep me from getting my hands on this beautiful bag. Now here we are, me and my iconic LV back pack. Although I like Chanel more, LV is better with the backpacks. What do you think about this item? Would you dare to wear? Xxx