gifts for valentines day for him and her
1.Bella Freud Parfum - Candles / 2.L'Agent by Agent Provocateur - Bra / 3.Elizabeth and James - Ring / 4.M.I.H Jeans - Patches / 5.Burberry - Key Chain / 6.Bumble & Bumble - Hair products / D R Harris - Safety Razor / 8.Gucci - Socks / 9.Fellow Barber - Aftershave / 10.Balenciaga - Wallet / 11.Hugo Boss - Belt

This day brings happiness and sadness at the same time. If you are one of those lovebirds that can't keep your hands of your significant other you are can consider yourself a lucky bastard. Keep in mind the lonely singles will hurt everywhere they go, so be kind to one another on this day! Personally I find myself on the lucky side. Since my fifteenth my Valentine's Day has been nothing but happiness. There's just this struggle which keeps coming back every year. What would me an appropriate present? After some time it gets harder because you run out of creativity. How is it so hard to come up with something for someone else? It's probably the anxiety of failure. Most of the time, this makes no sense since the gesture is more important than the present itself. One thing I do know is what I would like to get. Fashion changes every season so that means new things to choose from. I hope he got my signals! Do you already have plans for this V Day? I'd love to hear 'em.