flattering items you can wear everyday girls womanAs I am not one of the super skinny girls, I always had trouble finding items that would fit me in the right way and make me look more slim. I am sure that every woman has some parts of her body that she won't like to accentuate. We tend to cover it up with loose fitted T-shirts and/or pants, Even though we know that this is not fashionable at all. I learned this back when I was in school. As you might know I am an educated stylist as well. When studying for this you have to know the body types and what items suit each body type best. Take some time to browse the internet about different body types and find out which one you are. After you know your body type you will get tons of tips on what to wear and what not. This will make your shopping days a LOT easier because you know what shapes suit you and which ones do not. I can promise you ladies this will save you some time. If you have specific questions you can always ask me in the comment section below.

However there are a few cheats. There are a couple of items and colours that are flattering to everyone. The ones where you will always get compliments for. Remember this 12 items for this summer, fashion sisters!

1. A-Line dresses will accentuate the most amazing parts of your figure.
2. The colour red can increase your perceived attractiveness.
3. Aviator sunglasses a style that works well on both men and women.
4. Cold shoulders are flattering on all women, because everyone's shoulders look great.
5. A cropped jacket highlights your waist and lengthens your legs, it will instantly elongate your frame.
6. A great pair of heels are a universally flattering choice.
7. One piece swim suits are flattering for everyone.
8. High waisted skirts it's tailored shape sits smartly at the waist for a flattering fit, no matter your shape.
10. A V-neck T-shirt has the power to elongate your frame by highlighting your collarbone.
11. Last but not least are the skinny jeans, try a darker wash to slim and lengthen your leg.
12. Slit dresses are sexy and slimming, showing lots of leg offers you a long and lean look.