blogger dominique candido updating interior room with posters from desenioblogger dominique candido updating interior room with posters from desenio
First of all, welcome to my first interior post ever. Secondly, why didn't I do this before?  It is not that I don't like interior, it is just not my expertise and because of that I never did one before. Bad news for all of my readers!! That is about to change from now on. I am moving to a new apartment in Amsterdam pretty soon so I will share all my updates of my new place with you.

So here I am writing my first interior post. This all started when the Swedish company Desenio emailed me if I needed some posters to spice up my interior. When I looked around my room, I realized I really did need one. I've been spending so much time finding the perfect fashion pieces, one could get the impression that home decoration is being regarded as not important. The Swedish interior is well known for taking care of boring living rooms in Europe, so I took it upon myself to take on this opportunity and chose some pieces of art via Desenio. 

After going through all pages (43 to be precise) I still couldn't decide which one I liked most. The inspiration section on the website helped me out and seconds later I found my perfect matching couple. This is about the posters with the leaves. Beause I still had some room on my wall I chose my all-time favorite: tropical seawater. This one suited my leave-duo best. Making pictures of me trying to hang some posters was a tough one, but we managed.  

Also I saved the best for last, I have a discount code for you guys! Use the following code “DEAU25” to get 25% off your order at Desenio between 16-18 of May (not valid on Handpicked/frames)

Please let me know if you like the end result and my choices! I'll be back! Xxx