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It was just a couple of days ago that I was still wandering through the streets of Paris. It was a while ago since I set foot into the city, but I immediately felt the thrills that it gave me every time.

As you guys may know is that I live in Amsterdam. From the dam, Paris is just 5 hours away by car, 3 hours by train and just 1 hour by plane. Although it's not a too big of a hassle for me to get to the capital of France, I don't do it often. everytime I went to Paris I made instagram material for daysss. Every streetcorner is instagrammable and if the weather's nice you don't even have to look good to make the pics look fabulous.

About last week now. I invited my friend to come with me to city. We decided that it would be a girls only weekend. She's never been to the city so it was even more exciting to show her all my favourite places.As we we're there for 4 days I made the perfect Paris guide to fit all important stuff in a tight schedule. The last time I was there I also created a Paris Guide for you, which you can find over here. Even though this one was quite good I can promise you the one you are about to see now is even better!!. I found you guys some more hotspots to try out. Let me know if I convinced you to go and see the city of love :)!

Sainte Chapelle
Jardin des Tuileries
Musée du Louvre
Centre Pompidou
Sacre Cour
Tour Eiffel
Notre dame
Arc de Triomphe
Le Palais Royal
Place Vendome
Pont Alexandre

Champs Elysees
Le bon Marche
Galeries Lafayette
Le Marais

Cafe de Flore
Breizh Cafe
La Favorite
Cafe Charlot
Du Pain et des idees
Le Voltigeur
Bar du Central
Cafe Kitsune