This year one particular accessory seems to be asking for attention: the fanny pack. And surprisingly, I don't hate it..

It's probably the 100th time the fanny pack has tried to make it's comeback. It seems that it finally has succeeded in doing just that. The bag has quite some benefits: your hands are free, your personal belonings are close to your body and if you are really lucky it might hold up your pants. But there is another way to style your fanny pack. The models on e-commerce sites are carrying the bag cross-body. This made me think of the fanny packs in new possibilities.

When you look at the fanny pack beyond something that can only be worn strapped high and tight across the waist with a pair of khaki Bermuda shorts and a polo, you realize that they can actually look cool. You can see it as the third piece that finishes your look.

Only do not forget: it is still a fanny pack so don't take it too seriously.

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