Blogger dominique candido wearing a zara bomber


Dear readers,

Lately I am trying to wear more heels. For all these years I have been a fan of sneakers, boots or platforms but heels were a no go for me. If you have been following my blog for the last couple of years, you may have noticed this as well as I’ve told you guys at least a 1000 times that I am a big fan of the sneaker trend.


Dominique candido wearing kendall miles heelsKendall Miles Pout boots


Only now that I am getting older (almost turning 21) I want to be more feminime and taller so I try to wear more of those killer heels I see in the streets and on instagram profiles. Since I always thought people overreacted when they wore heels for some time and than cry and take them off I thought I could start with 12 cm heels right away. I could not have been more wrong.


Fashion blogger dominique candido wearing zadig et voltaire and a zara bomber

These beautiful babies from Kendall Miles are AMAZING but my feet can’t handle them yet, with the emphasis on ‘yet’. I am going to force myself to wear them more so it gets easier, because that’s what I’ve been told. Let’s start by bringing the heels with me and wearing them at least an one hour. The next time two and so on until it becomes a piece of cake. This should give my feet time to adjust. Here in the Netherlands there is an old proverb which says that you have to suffer to be beautiful. In this case this applies a 100% but I would like to speed up the process. Any tips are welcome. I am in need!!

Zara – Bomber (similiar here)
Chanel – Bag
H&M – Pants (similiar here)
Kendall Miles – Heels
Zadig & Voltaire – T-shirt