Moncler x puffer unisex jacket worn by Dominique Candido


I have something very exciting to share with you guys! Some time ago my favourite webshop called Stylebop and best winter jacket creator Moncler decided to work together and create a fashionable winter jacket. As I am a fan of both brands I couldn’t say no when asked me to show the jacket on my blog. Also I know you guys like to see a good jacket since this is always one of my key items for a good outfit.


Public desire bootsDominique Candido wearing a Moncler x stylebop puffer jacket

The Jacket

The overall style of the Moncler x Stylebop jacket is like a puffer jacket but very voluminous and not to forget: very comfortable. They’ve added some details that I’ve not seen before, such as the industrial zipper detailing on the sleeves.

Since the logo mania trend keeps on growing at every brand I was not surprised to see the Moncler logo detailing on the sleeves. But besides that the jacket is very sleek it is ready for every outdoor occasion too, I can just assure you if you are going skiing any time soon this jacket will be your best friend. Last but not least, the jacket is unisex so you can match with your boyfriend/girlfriend if you like.


Blogger Dominique Candido wearing the Moncler x JacketDominique Candido wearing the exclusive moncler x jacket


As winter is coming we are all in need of a good winter jacket and this may be the one for you. Just keep in mind that only 100 are made so it is very exclusive and most likely to sell out pretty soon hence make sure to go over to now to check out the jacket.

Stay warm, my dear readers. And remember: If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

Moncler – Jacket
Céline – Sunglasses
Iro – Knit
Valentino – Bag
AG Jeans – Trousers
Public Desire – Boots