Vetements SchoesMy idea of a love-hate relationship? Shoes. Think about it: You obsess over the beauty of the perfect lace-up pump and squeal with glee when you find a killer pair on sale, but these sources of delight are simultaneously instruments of pain. For all of you girls whom are struggling with those high heels or new leather boots, I am here to save you. Since I was little I always had trouble with finding shoes that didn’t bring me blisters or any other kind of pain. Because of my years of expierence I have become an expert in this area. I’ve tried everything from creams to adjusting the shoes. As I kept trying to fit my feet into a shoe why not make the shoe adjust to my feet. Why didn’t I think of this earlier? As I said before, I am an expert in this area now. May I share all my secrets with you? And when you are done reading see also my tips on how to avoid these 11 style mistakes here.

1. Rubbing Alcohol

Stretch your thight boot by swabbing the inside with rubbing alcohol and wearing the boots with socks for 30 minutes.

2. Prevent Blisters

Petroleum Jelly, deodorant and baby powder all serve to lubricate the area prone to blisters, so that your foot moves more freely in your shoe and doesn’t get caught rubbing on a friction point.

3. Tape your toes

There is a nerve that splits beteen your third and fourth toes, wearing heels puts pressure on this nerve, resulting in sore feet. Taping your third and fourth toes together with medical tape alleviates the pressure put on the nerve.

5. Blow-Dry

Break in a pair of shoes by blow drying a pair of socks for 2 minutes and then putting them on with your new shoes. Heating up the shows allows the leather to stretch slightly, and the socks help to push the leather out just a little bit further than your bare foot would.

6. Sand Paper

Slippery shoes can be a problem with new shoes. Roughing up the sole with sand paper will give you more grip and help keep you from slipping.

7. The freezer

Stretch tight shoes by placing a plastic bag of water in the toe of your shoes and placing in the freezer overnight. The water wil expand as it freezes acting as a DIY shoe stretching method.