Blogger dominique candido at Le Pigalle Paris

Not that long ago I decided to do a quick stay in Paris again. This is now my 3rd time in this city and the achitecture never fails to amaze me. Because of this, every time I’ve been to Paris I try to find myself a new Neighbourhood to stay, which was Pigalle this time.

Pigalle wasn’t always the best neighbourhood to stay. It was scoffed at for its unsavory locale and promotion of seedy practices. But this has changed dramatically over the years. The Parisian Red Light district has turned itself in to one of the capitals’ most trendy nightlife destination, filled with cocktailbars and the famous Moulin Rouge. I have to be honest with my dear readers: I didn’t know any of this information I just gave you about this district, so I was in for a surprise.

Le Pigalle ParisHotel Le Pigalle ParisHotel Le Pigalle ParisThe Hotel

This gentrification caused hotels to surface and hotel Le Pigalle was one of them. As I told you before: I didn’t know this was the former red light district and so I did not notice the sexual hints Le Pigalle had placed throughout the hotel. As you can see the posters on the wall are mostly women enjoying ‘the moment’ and when you visit the lobby there is even a stripperspole! All of this definitely gives Le Pigalle one of the coolest vibes I’ve ever experienced in a hotel.

Whenever I stay at a residence I find it very important that I can sleep well, hence the bed needs to be good. Le Pigalle didn’t lack here too, this was one of the nicest beds I’ve ever slept in. Please tell me where I can purchase this bed? I need it… For the rest everything was well arranged from the mini bar to the bathroom, which had a very nice Shampoo and Conditioners. Something a lady always cares about too. Also whenever I need to focus on my emails I like to have some music on the background and as you can see on the pictures above Hotel Le Pigalle offers a box full of record plates + a record player of course.

Hotel Le Pigalle ParisDominique Candido at Le Pigalle Paris

Once I have stayed in all the areas in Paris I will definitely stay at Le Pigalle for a second time, you can book your stay here and if you would like to have a look at my previous stays in Paris you can find them here.

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