Wearing: ASOS Coat & Jeans | Zara Knit | Saint Laurent Sneakers

Hello again! After a weekend full of time to relax, the long week started again. There were some fun moments today, but getting up early wasn’t one of them… Well, there are worse things right? The weather today was absolutely great. The sun was shining all day long, so not another typical Dutch day in fall. Unfortunately, I had to work inside.. I hope you guys had a laid-back weekend too. Let’s move on to te outfit now. I just love to wear white in cold weather days. Especially when it matches with the even more white snow outside. What do you think about the ripped knee? Pretty rough don’t you think? When I came down the stairs the first thing my mom said was “Shall i fix the ripped knee when you get back home?”. Moms and fashion huh… I hope you like this outfit! You’ll find the items below: