January 21, 2015

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Hanky Panky / For Love and Lemons / Maison Close / Fleur du mal / For Love and Lemons

I think this is something every girl likes the past years and so do I. A Bralette, a triangle bra, a lace bra what ever you like to call it, I want it. I have been looking for the perfect one and now there is a lot to choose from, it is even harder. Now You know I would never let you guys down and so I have looked all over the internet to find the most lovely little pretty laces. I have to confess, it was going faster than I thought. I think i just didn't try my best before. I would love to hear what you think of my selection :) Au revoir xxxx


January 19, 2015

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Hi there! I hope you are all doing fine! I know I have been away for a week ... Against my own rules. I just think I have a pretty good reason for my absence this time. Last week I got a lot of assignments for school and when the weekend started there was even more homework waiting for me. Enough excuses for today and let's talk about the post you came for. The title says it all. Let's talk beauty. I don't wear a lot of make up, but when I buy it, I make sure it's the best there is. About one year ago I was trying all kinds of mascara. Most of the time not with a good result. Until I tried the one from Chanel. Probably some of you will recognize what I think of the mascara. The first thing that I loved about it was that the mascara leaves no clumps at all! The second thing: one layer is just about enough. Isn't that all we wish for? You'll have some time extra in the morning with the mascara:) Other beauty stuff I like is a good nail polish. The colors Chanel has are exceptional. There's always a special touch in the color. I will do beauty posts more often, because I've got a lot of questions about it from you guys! This post won't answer all of them but there will be more questions answered. I'll be back soon! Xxxxx


January 9, 2015

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Red Bandana - Saint Laurent / Black Bandana - Saint Laurent / White Bandana - BCBG Max Azria

Well, we all know the bandana. You too right? Sometimes you spot it downtown and every time I do, my mind tells me to buy one myself. Why I never did? Don't ask me because I don't even know myself. Only one thing has changed now, a few fashion trends websites told me that it is really going to be a thing this year. Now I have to buy one! I've selected my favorites for you! Tell me what you think. Enjoy your day! Xxxx