November 26, 2014

Hello my dear blogreaders! What are you up to today? I have a busy day ahead, but I can't wait to get it started! I'm almost in Amsterdam, But before that, I couldn't resist to write a new post. I really couldn't sleep last night, so I rather look at all the pretty girls on the pictures above instead of my sleepy head... These girls are all wearing something that we should follow this fall.. What do you think it is? They all have something in common. I'm talking about the sweaters they are wearing. You already noticed that, right? I love to keep my outfit simple and add a little twist to it. This is one of the many ways to wear comfy clothes but not look as a boring teacher at the same time. Have you already found your statement sweater? I did.. And I will show you mine soooon enough. But for now, you can check all my favourites below. I'll be back! Xxxxx :)


November 24, 2014

Wearing: ASOS Coat | Mango Turtleneck | ASOS Jeans | Topshop Boots | Zara Hat | Prada Sunglasses

Goodmorning ya'll, how are you doing? I'm fine. Hopping on the train right now! It is monday again and that means that the week starts again for the most of us. Some people are free on Monday.. Gosh, imagine free mondays... Yesterday I went out to shoot an outfit again. I haven't posted one for a while now, so I thought this was a good post to start the week with. I already made a post about the faux fur trend and it's still my favourite. As you can see, I bought myself another, but this time with more fur :) I'm truly in love with this one. It's so warm and fluffy. They call me teddybear now.. Not a bad nickname, is it? The patent leather ankle booties are also new. I was searching for the right ones and these are absolutely perfect! They're not too expensive and walking in these feels very comfortable. I'm definitely going to search for another pair of patent leather shoes because I think it is a really good eye-catcher! And you know I love that. I reached my destination, so it's time to hop off now! You can shop my look below. Talk to you soon, xxxxx


November 20, 2014

Hey guys! How are you doing? I'm fine. My week started a bit rough. Monday really isn't my day. I fell out of bed and hurt my little finger. I know it sounds really stupid but it's swollen and hurts a lot... Now I'm wearing a bandage big enough to cover my entire hand. Luckily, I still can type on my laptop.. Otherwise I couldn't write this post!! That would make me really sad ofcourse. The thing that caught my eye this week is the backpack-trend. We all own an ugly backpack for school or for work, but it's not really a fashion item, is it. For quite a while I had the same thoughts about that item, until a lot of designers made their own backpacks and included it in their collections! I simply think it is amazing trend because it is so much easier than a handbag. When I found out that it really is a fashionable thing, the search began. I haven't found the perfect one yet! I really love the backpack from Stella Mccartney but it is a bit expensive, which means that I have to find another one with a better price :). I have made a selection of my favs below!
Shot by Le 21ème & the Urban Spotter