Sale isn't over but I'm already craving the new items.. Isn't so good for my wallet though. I think these items are the must haves for the fall. Yeah, it's still summer but we fashionistas know that you need to make your closet ready for fall! What do you think about these items? You can shop below:



Wearing: Asos Jumpsuit | H&M Leather Jacket | Birkenstocks

Hello my dear readers, a quick outfit post before the weekend finally begins! I have to admit, this jumpsuit is amazing.. It is just perfect for hot weather. I'm really going to look for another one because it's heating up in the Netherlands at the moment! It is also super easy if you are in a hurry. Put it on, put on some shoes and you are done :) Now that's some inspiration right? You can shop similiar below:



You may have noticed, fashion week started again. You can find the most beautiful designs. As you can see, i have made a small selection for you from my fav looks.. I can't stop watching these looks, fabulous right? What's your favourite? And which one would you wear yourself?